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Teens Like It Black presents: Cute teen hammered by a black cock in the kitchen

Scene Title: Mmmm! My Sisters Boyfriends Cock

Storyline: Jada walks into the room where her sister is playing cards with her boyfriend Jody. Annoyed by Jada's presence and her constant flirtatious, and slutty behavior she tells her to leave the room. Jada continues to act like a stubborn bitch and continues being an annoyance in her sisters presence. Fed up by her sister she leaves the room and Jada as usual gets what she wants, which is her sisters boyfriends big black cock.

Teen: Jada Stevens

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This chick is smokin hot - Baby any time youre in Australia, come to Cairns PLEASE...

Comment #2

this is a very hot scene. fuck all the small minds(all races included, because there are assholes in every race). more TLIB updates!!!

Comment #3

GREAT IR , neeed more of this cute girlswhite , asian , latina) fucked(anal too!) by a big black dick , IR IS BEST

Comment #4

what a scene 10/10 , she is so hot sucking that nice big cock

Comment #5

Excellent scene! More of these types of scenes please: More BROWN + PEACH!!

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